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Artificial Plants have long been looked down upon and people who keep artificial plant are assumed to be lazy and ignorant of the benefits of growing an actual living plant. However, we should not reach any opinion before we get to know all the sides of the story. Artificial plants can be a great choice for those who-

  • Have a history of allergy.
  • A hyperactive pet that chews; some plants are poisonous for them.
  • Does not have the time to look for a living plant because they travel a lot.
  • Lives in a tiny space without much sunlight.
  • Does not have much to spare right now.


So, I have listed down some tips and tricks that might come in handy if you are willing to accommodate some plants in your space.

  • Choose wisely and budget-


Artificial plants can be divided into two broad categories- a natural looking one and a fake one. So, even if it costs a few bucks more I would always recommend going for a natural looking one. It will actually serve your purpose of decoration in a gorgeous way.


  • Get hold of a plan-


We all like to go on a shopping spree sometimes. However, for this particular thing, that is, artificial plants a well crafted plan might help a lot. The fake looking eyes can be kept in places where sunlight does not reach, or, on the top of your wardrobe where they would not have to go through much scrutiny. On the other hand, the natural looking ones can serve as a gorgeous table top.


  • Mix and match-


One of the best ways to decorate your space is to mix natural and artificial plants together. This will not only camouflage your artificial plants but the natural plants will come with all their benefits and the two mixed will give you the best of both worlds. For procuring the best natural plants, seeds and gardening tools do visit this website called- Wild Roots.


  • Right Planters can go a Long Way-


Ditch the plastic containers that artificial plants come potted in and rather switch too planters that compliment your interior décor. For a wide range of handmade and customized planters do visit Wild Roots.

Besides being a great décor item, both artificial and natural plants also serve as great birthday gifts, and, return gifts. They can also be sent as a memento with your wedding invite. With the fast and hassle free delivery of Wild Roots you can send your loved ones little plant babies to show that you care both for them and the environment.

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