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Delhi has significantly different weather conditions. In summers, it crosses more than 45 degrees, and in winters, it reaches less than 5 degrees; hence it is essential to choose indoor plants wisely as plant maintenance can be done. Each plant requires proper moisture, water, and even sunlight to grow in the best possible manner. This article will talk about the best indoor plants for home in Delhi, NCR.


1. AGLAONEMA:  It is one of the best indoor plants for a home in Delhi, NCR. AGLAONEMA is derived from arum plants that are native to South Asia. These plants quickly grow with artificial light and even in poor lighting. The plant requires less water to water when only 1 inch of soil is dried up. These plants can survive in 15to 30 degrees of temperature easily.

2. SNAKE PLANT: These plants are most widely used and are categorized under the Asparagaceae plants. These plants help in improving indoor air quality.  SNAKE PLANT does not require much lightning, and artificial lightning also works for these plants. Frequent watering is needed for the plants only when 1 inch of soil is dried up. The plant easily survives in 15-30 degrees. The plants can even stay in deserts for a longer time.

3. PHILODENDRONS:  It is a plant with more than 500 varieties grown on a large scale as ornamental plants. It is famous for its low light house plants and best indoor plants for home in Delhi, NCR. These plans are effective in cleaning the air pollution and require less water.

4. SPIDER PLANT: This plant is native to Southern Africa. It belongs to the Asparagaceae plants family. These plants require significantly less water in a couple of months. The plat helps in reducing stress and can be kept at 15-30 degrees of temperature.

5. BOSTON FERN: This plan is native to humid forests and swamps. These plants require low maintenance, and they do not require any extra lighting. They grow in poor lighting conditions as well.

6. FISHTAIL FERN: This plant is a species of the genus Nephrolepis native to New Guinea and Australia. The plant helps in removing all the airborne germs. These plants do not require any extra lighting. They even grow in low lighting. They need frequent watering to keep the soil moist.

7. KIMBERLY QUEEN FERN: This plant is a species of the genus Nephrolepis native to Australia. The plant helps in removing the bacteria from the indoor air in the best manner. They require frequent water to keep the soil moist.

8. LEMON BALM: It is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the mint family. Many research types have proven that having a LEMON BALM plant helps in recovering from mood swings and boosts overall mental wellness. The plant quickly grows with indoor fitted lights and does not require much water. They can survive in 15-30 degrees in Delhi, NCR.

9. GOLDEN PATHOS: This plant is also known as the money plant that is native to French Polynesia. These plants can survive adverse weather conditions except winter. At a temperature less than 10 degrees, the plant becomes dormant but never dies. Research by NASA showed that GOLDEN PATHOS works as the best air quality cleaning plant.

10. ALOE VERA: This plant is native to the Arabian Peninsula. This plant produces oxygen at night. ALOE VERA is used for medical and cosmetic purposes. Research by NASA has found the plant is effective for cleaning indoor air quality. It requires significantly less water when two inches of soil is dried up—best indoor plants for a home in Delhi, NCR.



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