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Pleiospilos Nelii Lithops : Succulent Plant


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Pleiospilos Nelii “Split Rock”​

  • Other names:Royal Flush, Royal Flush Split Rock, Pleiospilos Penduculata, Pleiospilos Tiliaceus Color
  • Family:Aizoaceae Subfamily: Ruschioideae Genus: Pleiospilos
  • Native:South Africa

This perennial succulent is egg-shaped and has a cleft in the middle.It only produces a pair of leaves yearly, and these leaves are grayish-green in color.It looks like a rock that’s split in two, hence its name.

It has a rosy purple color with dark spots all over.In winter, its orange flowers bloom.Interestingly, its flowers smell like coconut.

Quick Facts

  • Light: It enjoys the bright shade of sunlight. Make sure to expose this to light for at least six hours.
  • Temperature: won’t thrive in really cold areas. Avoid placing it in a place with a temperature that is below 30° F.
  • Water: The Split Rock is drought-tolerant. There is no need to water this during winter but do water when the soil is already dry during other seasons.
  • Problems/Issues: The good thing is that the Split Rock is generally pest-resistant. What you need to avoid is overwatering this plant. Avoid using poor draining soil as it could also affect this plant’s growth.​​​

General Care For Pleiospilos Nelii “Split Rock”

Container – You can use a small to medium-sized container that allows smooth drainage. Soil – This plant prefers gritty soil with pebbles or small rocks.You can just use a cactus potting mix that is loam-based.

Disclaimer : The image is for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.

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