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Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Silver Princess’ Snake Plant

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1 Snake Plant ‘ Silver Princess’
2 Round Plastic Pot/ Terracotta Pot

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Plant Description of Silver Princess Snake Plant

‘Silver Princess’ effortlessly lives up to its name with the long leaves.

Also commonly known as the Snake Plant or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue.

This botanical wonder boasts striking silver-green foliage, intricately adorned with dark green vertical stripes.

Snake Plant  Silver Princess is a also considered as a rare beauty because of its different leaves.

Planting and Potting: Setting the Stage for Growth

Selecting the Perfect Spot for snake plant

Opt for an area that receives indirect sunlight, as this species thrives in low to moderate light conditions.

Avoid exposing it to harsh, direct sunlight, as it can scorch the leaves.

Optimal Soil and Potting

To ensure your ‘Silver Princess’ flourishes, use well-draining soil that allows excess water to escape easily.

A mix of cactus potting soil with perlite or sand works wonders.

Remember, this plant prefers snug quarters, so choose a pot that accommodates its size while providing room for growth.

Nurturing with Care: Watering and Maintenance

Water requirement in Sansevieria

One of the reasons that ‘Silver Princess’ is cherished by both novice and seasoned gardeners is its drought-tolerant nature.

Water the plant sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out completely between watering sessions.

Over-watering can lead to root rot, so exercise restraint in your watering routine.

Maintenance Made Simple

Maintaining the elegance of your Sansevieria ‘Silver Princess’ is a breeze.

Trim any withered or damaged leaves at their base using sharp, clean scissors.

This not only enhances the plant’s appearance but also promotes new growth.

Flourishing Foliage: Growth and Propagation

Encouraging Growth

To give your Sansevieria Trifasciata ‘Silver Princess’ an extra boost, consider fertilizing it once every two months during the growing season (spring and summer).

A balanced, diluted liquid fertilizer will suffice, providing the nutrients necessary for robust foliage.

“Click here” to view soil and fertilizers for your garden.


Disclaimer : The image is for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.

Product Contains

Sr No. Product Name
1 Snake Plant ‘ Silver Princess’
2 Round Plastic Pot/ Terracotta Pot

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