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Air Plant Glass Jar Terrarium (15 cm dia x 10 cm height)

It Contains :

  • Cylindrical Glass Jar (10 cm height, 15 cm diameter)
  • Air plant (as per availability)
  • Decorative Pebbles
  • Addons

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Estimated delivery date 2021/06/30
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A fresh and refreshing terrarium for your home, office, business or any other interior decoration.  In addition to being enjoyable and decorative, terrariums are also easy to care for and simply beautiful. It can also makes best green gift for anyone.

Terrariums allow for easy, low-maintenance, indoor gardening. They bring nature inside which is a considerable benefit for apartment dwellers who might not have access to a yard or garden, and even business offices that lack windows. Known for their low maintenance requirements, terrariums work well for people with busy lives or those that struggle to keep plants alive due to lack of care.


Caring of Terrarium

  • Spray water once a week and keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Place your air plants near a window.
  • Air plants prefer warm temperatures around 10 to 33 degree Celsius.
  • Provide Ample Air Circulation.
  • Providing artificial lighting is helpful if your plants lack a bright corner, in the house.

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