Crassula perforata – Succulent plant

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Common Names

String of Buttons, Baby’s Necklace, Necklace Vine, Stacked Crassula, Pagoda Plant

Scientific Binomial Name

Crassula perforata Possible synonyms: Crassula perfossa, Crassula conjuncta, Crassula nealeana; Incorrectly called Crassula pagoda.

Description of String of Buttons, Crassula perforata

The String of Buttons is a shrub-like sprawling succulent that has stems and leaves that look like they are stacked on top of each other.  It is relatively fast growing compared to other succulents.  The short leaves are triangular, short, broadly ovate in shape.  The green-gray leaves gracefully spiral around each stem.  The edges of the leaf are what make this succulent spectacular.  The edges are a rosy pink color and are a beautiful contrast to the gray.  Depending on the growing environment they may also have small pink or white dots scattered along the margins of the leaf. These plants form small colonies since it is an aggressive suckering plant.  It has been referred to as a “scrambling” succulent since it can grow over and through other bushes as it colonizes. The many Crassula species are sometimes described as growing in a ‘stacked’ formation.  There are many hundreds of Crassula species as well as hundreds of beautiful hybrids. Mature Size:  Height 1’ – 2’ (30cm – 60cm); Spread 2’ – 3’ (60cm – 90cm) Outside Spacing:  36” (90cm) Uses:  These are preferred for every type of landscaping but especially as a border plant and as a groundcover.  They are used more and more in xeriscape landscapes.  They are ideal for hanging baskets and in terrariums.

Growing Conditions for String of Buttons, Crassula perforata

Light:  Thrives with full sun but will do fine with partial sun.  You will obtain a better leaf color when the plant has full sun.  In very hot locations it will need some shade in the afternoons. Temperature:  Ideal summer (65ºF/18ºC – 70ºF/21ºC).and winter (50ºF/10ºC). Soil:  Needs well-drained soil but is fine with any pH level.  It does best with a slightly acidic soil with a pH of around 6.0.

Disclaimer : The image is for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.

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