Soil and Fertilizer

Just like humans need food for sustainability, plants need soil and fertilizers that provide all the essential nutrients for them to grow. Whatever the plant you are planning to grow, choosing the correct soil and fertilizers is crucial for your plants and garden’s health. At Wildroots, we provide just that.

If you are a gardening lover looking to grow your own garden, then these are the most convenient methods to ensure your plants are growing well.

The fertilizers are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that help your garden thrive. Our nutrient-rich soil encourages regular flowering and healthy foliage.

Don’t let your plants go hungry. Choose best food for your plant under our soil and fertilizer category. You will find Soil for succulents, vermicompost, Neem cake powder, Garden compost amongst many other things. Well-fed plants are healthier, more productive and more beautiful.

Give your garden its best chance to bloom with Wildroots’ range of soil and fertilizers. It will help you maintain a lush display of plants.

Success tips to fertilize your plants

  • It’s important to know your soil’s overall health before applying fertilizer, as too much fertilizer can be as damaging as not enough.
  • Brush granular fertilizer off leaves to prevent foliage burn.
  • Group plants with similar light, soil, and nutritional needs together to make it easier to care for them.
  • Because containers need more frequent watering, nutrients leach out quicker than for plants in the ground. Fertilize containers more often, every 2-4 weeks.
  • Some fertilizers work better when temperatures are warmer, but avoid fertilizing during extreme heat spells to avoid stressing plants.

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