Mammillaria Prolifera ‘Copper’- Cactus

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1 Mammillaria ‘Copper King’
2 Terracotta Pot/ Plastic pot

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Common name Texas Nipple Cactus,  Grape Cactus, Hair-covered Cactus, Silver-cluster Cactus, Little Candles, Texas Hair Cactus, West Indian Nipple-cactus,
Stem globose, cylindric or club shaped to 9 cm high, 3 to 7 cm in diameter
 Tubercules Cylindrical to conic, about 8 mm long, spreading, without latex, Axils of tubercles with several long, hair-like bristles.
Radial spines 25-40, hair-like, often intergrading with the centrals, straight or twisted, white to yellow to brown, 3-12 mm long.
Central spines  5 to 12, needle-like, puberulent, 4-9 mm long, much stouter than the radials, straight, white to yellow to reddish, with darker tips (Typcally yellow in subsp. prolifera).
 Flower 10-18 mm long, borne in old axils but toward top of plant, small, yellowish white, cream or pinkish yellow.
 Sunlight  Full sunlight
 Watering  once a month

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