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Wishbone flower (Torenia fournieri)

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Torenia fournieri, the blue wings or wishbone flower, is an annual plant in the Linderniaceae, with blue, white, or pink flowers that have yellow markings. It is typically grown as a landscape annual, reaching 12–15 in. tall. It has simple opposite or subopposite leaves with serrated edges

Plant Specifications

Common Name wishbone flower
Maximum Reachable Height 6-12” tall
Flower Color blue, purple, pink
Bloom Time June to frost
Difficulty Level easy

Planting And Care

  • Keep the soil moist, but never soggy, as the Torenia wishbone flower is susceptible to root rot. Care of wishbone plants should include a regular fertilization schedule twice a month with a plant food high in phosphorus, the middle number in the fertilizer ratio (NPK).

Light Requirement

  • The plant grows well in shade or semi-shade, but produces the most flowers in full sun with adequate irrigation. Leggy plants indicate that the plants need more light.


  • These flowers prefer organically rich, loamy soil with a slightly acidic soil pH. Excellent soil drainage is essential to preventing root rot. To improve the soil quality, consider mixing in some compost at the time of planting.


  • Wishbone flowers have moderate water needs. Water whenever the soil feels dry to the touch, but make sure your plants aren’t sitting in soggy soil.

Application of Fertilizer

  • To keep wishbone flowers healthy and blooming, provide a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer roughly every few weeks throughout the growing season (spring to fall). You can either use a liquid fertilizer or a slow-release granule fertilizer, following package instructions.


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