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Who wouldn’t like an amalgamation of different exotic fragrances oozing out of every corner of the garden to take away the day-to-day stress and make one feel immense peace and relief at home? Almost everyone would crave it right!

So this article may help you pick (Fragrant Plants) Best Plants For Home that may lack at producing the king-size flowers but, when it comes to fragrances, they can take you on a trance on a chilly winter night.


This teeny-tiny winter shrub with a cuplike shape blooms in winter, directly from the branches drooping downwards. It gives out an alluring fragrance and, its application inside linen cupboards to keep your clothes fresh and scented might allude to the application of lavender for the same reason.


When you jot down names of winter-fragrant plants, Witch Hazel secures its place on top of the list always as it makes any passer-by stop to inhale its fragrance from a certain distance. It adds to the garden a yellow-orangish aesthetic color duo besides giving out a subtle scent. One can grow it in any medium-size vessel making space for other shrubs to grow as well.


Daphne is a deciduous winter shrub known for its pink chunks of flowers with a calming smell and small berries. Daphne has numerous species that add a bit of pink tint to your backyard. You may come across purplish-red Daphne flowers in some plants while, in other Daphne plants, you can see pink, tiny flowers blooming in a chunk.


You think your garden lacks depth and fragrance!

Here’s your solution. Viburnum flowers in clumps and its deep green sharp-edged leaves add a lot of depth to your garden. Its pink and purplish Viburnums, against its dark green leaves, pop up with black and blueberries, making your garden a peaceful resting place.


Have a thing for aesthetic windows to sit by in winter and dive into your reading!

Then don’t think twice before being Miniature Iris at home. You can,  at your convenience, grow this plant in small and medium-size containers and place them across your windowpane that will fill your ambiance with an exotic fragrance oozing out of its bluish-purple flowers in winter.


Would you need a sweet box of fragrances to scent up your garden in winter!

It goes without saying YES you need it. Though the showy leather-textured leaves may tend to overshadow the tiny white creamy Sarcococca flowers, they would do their best to make your garden ambiance heavenly with their subtle scent.


In  of winter shrubs with wide-leaf arrangements!

Here your search ends with fragrant Mahonia. It produces steady clusters of branches that can hold greenish glossy leaves that do wonders in providing your garden with intricate structures and a gentle smell. Its pale yellowish flowers may deck up your gate to welcome you with a fresh and enchanting fragrance.


Ornamental shrubs with refreshing fragrances top the list eventually. Honeysuckle is such a shrub that doesn’t demand extraordinarily fertile soil to grow. Besides giving out a gentle fragrance, it produces showy tube-like flowers in clusters. The yellowish and white creamy flowers mostly grow on bare branches to add to the overall color arrangements in your winter shrub garden.

Treat your backyard with this aesthetic plant to provide your home with a heavenly smell and ambiance.


Winter beauty has a bit of wildness in nature as it hinders your attempts to tame it with its wayward growth movements. It has a bit of withering away the incised branches within a few hours or so. If you are looking for a plant that will produce white fragrant flower chunks, then go for it and give your backyard a wholesome dense look.

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