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Flowers manage to capture our imagination and expand it beyond what we ever thought was possible. The beauty, the smells, the language they speak are all so breathtaking. There are so many gardening enthusiasts around the world who spend their time amongst flowers. Some meditate amongst them, some use them as a getaway from life. If you’re just getting started with gardening and are feeling overwhelmed about how you should go about decorating it and which plants and flowers to pick, Wildroots is here to help you out. Here are some of the most beautiful flowers to grow and nurture in your beautiful garden.


These are known for their catchy colors and beautiful patterns. Zygo’s attractive fragrance and ease of culture make it an attractive choice for your garden. They are robust and reach about 2ft in height. The leaves are deeply ribbed and light green in color. Zygo’s mostly bloom in the winter or early spring and spread their beautiful fragrance around your garden and house. Strong and upright stems support the flower clusters and the tip as the petals flaunt amazing combinations of burgundy, green, or violet while their lip radiates pink or purple. Make sure you grow them in partial shade (avoiding direct sunlight), slightly humid conditions, and protect them from extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Do check out Wildroots’ collection of the most beautiful Zygos!


David Austin and Abraham Darby English roses are popular around the world for their breathtaking beauty and low maintenance care. Most English roses grow absolutely at their best in partial shade. However, don’t plant them too close to trees or in areas of deep shade. They grow just fine with just 5-6 hours of sun in a day. English roses are well known for their large blooms and retro-style fragrance. A lot of the most loved English roses come from the David Austin breeding program where roses go through eight years of trying to identify the best suited and the most beautiful varieties. Make sure you go through all the English rose varieties Wildroots has to offer.


The wide majority of people immediately visualize large blooms at the mention of dahlias. However, this is a bit of a misconception as a lot of small poms and daisy-like flowers are also a part of the dahlia family. Growing a large dinner plate dahlia takes a bit of research. Choose a variety that is capable of producing big blooms. One such variety is the ‘Kevin Floodlight’. These are not easy to maintain, however, the rewards are worth the effort. Provide them the full sun, enough fertilizer, and good hydration. Remove all the buds except one to direct all the energy of the plant towards the large bloom. Dinner plate dahlias take a long time to mature but they are definitely worth the wait. Wildroots has a great selection of Dinner Plate Dahlia varieties. Do check them out!


Think of the most beautiful shades of blue you’ve seen throughout your life. Now take those shades and imagine them in the form of a flower. Chances are, you ended up visualizing a Delphinium elatum. Delphiniums are breathtakingly beautiful blue flowers that are sure to bring unrivaled beauty to your garden. Delphiniums do quite well in areas with mild summers. However, slightly alkaline and rich soil is a must. Delphiniums also love moisture, however standing water should not be allowed.


Bearded irises are tough plants that don’t need much maintenance. They’re also some of the most beautiful flowers you’ll ever see. The ‘Wabash’ variety is extremely popular. It’s also a Dykes Memorial winner. Late summer is the best time to plant them as they get a chance to establish their roots in the soil before the winter season. They do really well with about 6-8 hours of sun in a day. During hotter climates, do provide them with some shade.


As the name suggests, this one looks like a beautiful bird but in the form of a flower. You might end up cuddling this flower, like you would your pet bird. These flowers look exotic, however, they can grow and flourish in many situations as long as they are protected from the harsh colds.

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