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Having Indoor Plants For Home in Delhi NCR is a healthy and effective habit to adopt. Keeping indoor plants has proved to be a mood enhancer. Keeping indoor plants can benefit you in many ways – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Wild Roots has brought you a lot of Indoor Plants For Home in Delhi NCR and ideas at very reasonable and low prices with discounts. Some of the best-selling indoor plants have been discussed here.

Peace Lily Plant, its botanical name being Spathiphyllum. Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum plant is a very prominent indoor house plant. It is a clump-growing herbaceous perennial which generates white blossoms that look like the veil of a cobra. Its leaves are shiny and glossy and glamorous even with no spathes. Peace lilies are thick and heavy plants with glossy, dark green oval-shaped leaves which narrow to a point. The leaves grow directly from the soil. The long-lasting blossoms start with pale green and slowly turn shiny white as they open.

Wandering Jew is also known as Tradescantia Zebrine is also an indoor plant. It is formerly known as Zebrine Pendula and is a species of spiderwort more normally known as an inch plant or wandering Jew. The familiar name is shared with closely related species such as T. fluminensis and T. pallida.

Red Anthuriums is another popular indoor plant that likes to stand in a well-lighted place but doesn’t like direct sunlight. However, if the plant is placed in the dark, it will give limited blossoms. These plants love the warmth and are pleased with a temperature between 20°C and 22°C. It is recommended to keep them away from draughts and not to place them close to a hot radiator. Anthuriums need high humidity, so areas like the bathroom can be the best place where they can feel most at home.

Nephrologist Exaltation, also known as the sword fern or Boston fern, is a species of fern in the class Lomariopsidaceae. The Boston fern is one of the most popular ferns and is appreciated for its desirable traits as a houseplant and indoor plants. Boston ferns are naturally attractive, with long, graceful fronds decorated with small leaves. It is a fairly tough fern, with higher patience for light than other species, and as far as ferns go, they are more tolerant of arid climates and easy to propagate.

Schlumbergera Truncate, the thanksgiving cactus is also normally called the holiday or crab cactus. It grows best in light shadow. Full sunlight is beneficial and recommended in midwinter, however, bright sun during the summer months can make these plants look pale and yellow. In its native area, Schlumbergera Truncate is grown outdoors like an epiphyte or in rock gardens. In colder climates, these plants can be accumulated in baskets or vases for brightly-lit window sills. It is sold primarily and most commonly around the holiday season as a gift or decorative item.

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