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DESCRIPTION Chocolate soldier succulents, a variety of Kalanchoe, are elegant and often perfect, fuzzy leafed plants that most everyone tries to grow at some point during their succulent experience. If you’re not familiar with them by this name, you may be asking what is a chocolate soldier plant? You may know them by other common names, such as panda plant, white lady, velvet leaf kalanchoe, or plush plant, among several others. The botanical name by which you can truly identify this plant is Kalanchoe tomentosa ‘Chocolate Soldier.’ The plant grows in a loose rosette with mostly oval shaped leaves. These are an attractive pale to medium green, edged in brown stitching, hence the name of chocolate soldier. The paleness varies with lighting, as do the color of the stitches (borders) on the leaves.

Botanical Name Kalanchoe tomentonsa
Common Name Chocolate soldier plant, panda plant, pussy ears, velvet leaf kalanchoe, plush plant, whitel ady, teddyb ear cactus, cocoon plant.
Plant Type Succulent
Mature Size 2.6 feet tall
Sun Exposure Bright, filtered light.
Soil Type Well-draining
Soil pH 6.1 – 7.8
Bloom Time Summer
Flower Color Red
Native Area Madagascar

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  1. harsh.chaudhary0304

    I received this plant today. It is healthy and have lot of foliage. Good experience.


  2. 355singhhemant

    Very different succulent but the leaves are so velvety. I am loving this plant so much. The plant was delivered in healthy condition.