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Variegated String of Pearls or Senecio Rowleyanus Variegata (small)

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1 Variegated String of pearls – Plant
2 Terracotta Pot

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About Variegated Senecio Rowleyanus

Senecio Rowleyanus Variegata is a trailing beauty that is rare and sought after. This is a succulent variety like no other with its long and slender green stems upon which sit a cascade of green and white pearl-shaped leaves. It is often referred to as variegated ‘String of Pearls’ or even ‘String of Beads’. This succulent has slightly slower growth compared to string of pearls.


Plant Specifications

Common Name Variegated string of pearls, string of beads
Maximum Reachable Height Up to 3 feet
Flower Colour Pale yellow
Bloom Time Spring to Fall
Difficulty Level Moderate

Planting And Care


  • Keep in a bright sunny location.
  • Try not to water the leaves, give water to soil only.
  • Avoid overwatering as the roots may get rot.
  • Water the plant in a morning, between 8 to 10 am.
  • Avoid keeping in suffocated areas or in dark room.
  • While, re-potting or propagating try not to disturb the roots.
  • Required care in the winter season. If growing in a pot, then kept in indoors and growing in outside do mulching.

    Senecio rowleyanus Variegata Care

    Stem cuttings can be used for the propagation of this succulent. Re-pot when the plant performs clump and goes beyond the pot size. It should be done before or after the rainy season and in the spring season.

    Re-pot with the following proportions: 3 parts of potting soil, 1 part of grit (pumice), 1 part of the horticultural-grade sand, 1/2 part of the compost etc.

    Sunlight Full sun, partial sun, at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight per day.
    Watering Low for the rainy season, Moderate for winter, More than moderate for a summer
    Soil Avoid excess organic contents in the soil.
    Temperature 22 to 35 degrees C
    Fertilizer No need much. A peat-based compost should not be used.

    Special Feature

    Survivals and growers of the summer.


    Ornamental Use:

    • Its color and the appearance is appreciated by the various gardens
    • Hanging baskets

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Disclaimer : The image is for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.

Product Contains

Sr No. Item name
1 Variegated String of pearls – Plant
2 Terracotta Pot

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