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Yucca Plant

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About Yucca

Bright green attractive foliage and the ability to withstand long periods of drought make the yucca an excellent choice for just about any home garden. Yucca growing isnt just for indoors. The yuccas plant’s sword-like leaves add a distinctive look to any area, including the landscape. It is a perennial, evergreen shrub that comes in several species. More than 20 species of yucca exist. Coloration on yucca plants range from green to bluish with variegations of cream, yellow and white, depending on the cultivar. Yucca plants grow on canes, or large, woody stems.

Plant Specifications

Common Name Yucca
Maximum Reachable Height Up to 8 feet.
Bloom Time Mid to late summer.
Difficulty Level Easy to grow.

Planting And Care

  • Caring for yucca plants is fairly simple.
  • When older leaves die on a mature yucca plant, simply cut them away, usually in the spring.
  • Caring for yuccas like this helps the rest of the plant look nicer, and allows the newer leaves to grow.
  • When caring for yucca plants, it is a good idea to wear gloves to protect your hands from the sharp leaves.
  • After the yucca has stopped flowering and the fruit has appeared, prune back the flower stalk. The stalk should be cut clear to the ground.
  • When landscaping with yuccas, it is best to keep them away from sidewalks and other high traffic areas as the leaves are extremely sharp and can cut someone if they should brush up against the plant.

Yucca Care

Sunlight Full sun
Watering Yucca are highly sensitive to water-logging. Water regularly in the spring and summer growing season, but make sure the plant has excellent drainage and dries between waterings. Water sporadically in the winter. Never let a yucca plant sit in a tray of water.
Soil well-drained soil. Soil pH 5.5 to 7.5
Temperature Widely variable. Yucca are adapted to the desert, where temperatures can soar into the 90s or higher and down into the 30s at night. It is able to withstand temperatures as cold as 10 F.
Fertilizer Fertilize during the growing season with liquid fertilizer or controlled-release fertilizer according to label instructions.

Yucca Uses

Ornamental Use:

  • Growing a yucca plant indoors adds a focal point to a room or works as part of an attractive, indoor display
  • Growing yucca in containers is a great way to bring the outdoors inside in a large way
  • Yucca growing isnt just for indoors
  • The yuccas plant’s sword-like leaves add a distinctive look to any area, including the landscape

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