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Miniature Pink rose plant, – Rosa Spp.

1)Name of Plant ( common Name/ scientific name)-Miniature Rose/ Rosa Spp.

2) Type of plant (Indoor/outdoor)-Out door

3) Size of pot it comes in-  5inches

4) Seasonal/ perennial-  Perennial

5) Flowering/ Foliage- Flowering

6) Place to keep- Direct sunlight


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Miniature Pink Rose plant

Description Miniature Pink rose plant

Miniature pink rose plant are true roses that have been selectively bred to stay small in size. Most miniatures also have smaller flowers than standard rose bushes, but they come in the same variety of types and colors. Despite their small size, miniature roses are extremely hardy. In fact, they are more winter hardy than most tea roses, and they also tend to be profuse repeat bloomers.

The genetic parentage of miniature roses can be difficult to define since they have been in cultivation since the 17th century, but most originated as genetic mutations of Old Garden Roses (Rosa gallica and Rosa centifolia), or China roses (Rosa chinensis). Most types now grown are the result of extensive breeding and are long divorced from the original native species.

Botanical Name Rosa spp.
Common Name Rose, miniature rose
Plant Type Deciduous flowering shrub
Mature Size 6 inches to 54 inches tall; ramblers can grow up to 6 feet
Sun Exposure Full sun
Soil Type Loamy
Soil pH 6.0 to 7.0
Bloom Time Summer
Flower Color  Pink
Hardiness Zones 5 to 9 (USDA)
Native Area None; miniature roses are a cultivated creation with no native range

How to Grow Miniature Pink Rose Plant

Plant and treat miniature pink rose plant the same way you would full-size roses. Dig a hole the same depth as the pot the rose came in and about a foot wider. Carefully remove the rose from the pot and gently loosen the roots. If the plant is tightly root bound, use a sharp knife to score the sides of the root ball and try again to loosen the roots.


Miniature rose plant thrive in full sun. Foliage and flowers will become sparse in shady conditions.


Roses like a rich, well-drained, loamy soil.


How much water your rose bush will require depends on your soil and weather. A general rule of thumb is to provide at least 1 inch of water each week. During hot, dry spells you will need to water more frequently. Be sure to water deeply, so that the soil is wet at least 12 to 18 inches below the surface. Avoid getting the leaves wet during humid weather to discourage fungal diseases.

Disclaimer : The image is for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.


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