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About 2ft Coir Pole

Coir pole is made up of best in class coco fiber rolled on the pole. Coco coir poles offer a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plant supports. They are biodegradable and can be reused or composted after use unlike metal or plastic. In addition they also have the added benefit of retaining moisture and providing aeration, which can encourage root development and prevent plant stress.

Coco coir poles can be a valuable addition to your plant care toolkit whether you’re an indoor or outdoor gardener. Moreover not only do they provide crucial support for climbing plants, but they can also be used for vertical gardening and creating living walls.

The coco coir poles encourage plant growth by providing natural support, while the plants’ natural beauty adds to the design element of the garden and using coco coir poles in vertical gardening is both practical and eco-friendly.

We have discovered that coir fibers are so beneficial for transplants that most coir-molded pots are already seedling-sized. As a result, you can easily transplant the disc-started seedlings onto the coconut coir pots without interfering with the growth of the plants.

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Keeping coco coir poles moist is essential to promote healthy plant growth. As an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plant support, coco coir poles have the ability to retain moisture, providing optimal growing conditions for climbing plants.

Misting or soaking is the most effective way to keep coco coir poles moist . In addition consider adding a layer of sphagnum moss at the base of the pole to help maintain moisture levels.


Coco coir poles are the ultimate solution for supporting climbing plants in a natural and sustainable way. You can provide your plants with necessary stability, aeration, and moisture retention, promoting healthy growth and lush foliage by using these eco-friendly poles,.

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Coir pole is made up of best in class coco fiber rolled on the pot. click here.


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