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Dealing with the polluted atmosphere of Delhi? There are many ways you can combat the hazardous atmosphere with natural ideas. Pollution and viruses are hitting Delhi together and the very obvious way to protect yourself is wearing masks and using sanitizers to make sure you are protected from all the toxins, pollution and viruses.

However, there is a long-term and environment-friendly option which can purify air around you in the most natural way. Bring home tubs of plants, and place it in balconies, gardens, or even in your rooms. There are a number of plants that purify air. You will get many indoor and outdoor air purifying plants which you should bring home if you live in Delhi or if your surroundings are all polluted.

Although there are many indoor air purifying plants, here are a few plants which you can easily get from anywhere and are easy to care for. Wildroots here thus presents you such houseplants you should consider bringing home as soon as possible.



Aloe Vera is one of the most common house plants that every one of us know. We know about its various uses but let us now know how helpful it is in purifying air. Aloe Vera is great to keep at home since it absorbs the carbon dioxide as all plants do, while it also absorbs formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Keep one Aloe Vera and it can replace almost ten air purifiers apparently. Not just purifying air, Aloe Vera gel is great for your skin too!



Ficus elastic is easy to maintain since this plant does not need a lot of light and can grow effectively in less light. Ficus Elastic is very effective in purifying the air of formaldehyde. However, make sure you keep the plant away if you have pets and small children.



Ivy is a must have if you truly want to purify your surroundings and atmosphere. Bring this plant home and within hours this plant will remove almost 60% of the feces particles and 60% of the toxins from the air.



Spider plant is particularly known for performing photosynthesis even under minimal light. The plant is truly awesome in absorbing hazardous toxins from air such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, gasoline and styrene. If you just plant one spider plant it can apparently clean the air in a 200 sq. m space.



Snake plant is much similar to the spider plant. The snake plant is durable and it can also perform photosynthesis under minimum or no light. The snake plant is an ideal indoor plant and it can grow with easy maintenance. It’s a great option as a bedroom plant as it also produces oxygen during the night.



Peace lilies are a beautiful flower plant for your home since it removes toxins such as formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air. Keeping 15-18 of peace lilies in a 500 sq. m area is enough to purify the air of the whole area. You can also keep peace lilies in your bedroom, living room and anywhere else as it is also a cool home decor and it looks very pretty too!


Delhi pollution is reaching heights now and it is a serious issue to combat the pollution. However you can try to protect yourself and your family in a natural way with these Indoor Air Purifying Plants . These plants are extremely effective in purifying air around you, and getting rid of toxins from the air while also increasing oxygen levels. Go through our site at Wild Roots where you can easily get these plants and many other air purifying plants for your home both indoors and outdoors.

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