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Transforming your terrace into a unique terrace garden all by oneself is the best dream of a gardener. However, terrace gardens are rumoured to be very costly and posh, but let us give you a reality check – a terrace garden is not as costly as you think. With proper design with accessories, you can DIY a garden terrain at a very low cost and time.


  1. Compact centre table

Add a unique abstract-looking small centre table surrounded by some comfortable chairs to chill and relax. Serve beverages, play board games, do meetings, all inside your green, open-air living space.


A foldable table is popular and preferable because of its convenience, compactness, and easy mobility. In addition, you will feel a green café vibe and aesthetically complement your terrace garden.

  1. Add Sofa for a garden party.

May it be a cool party with friends or a family gathering. A sofa with some potted plants around suits it the best. It gives a rustic vibe to your terrace.


Even the seats can be thematically decorated with artificial green ivy or natural green plants around. It will bring out the best luscious side of your unique rooftop garden. Check out Wildroots exclusive accessories now.


  1. Vertical gardening to optimize the best utilization of garden space

Through the phenomenal concept of vertical gardening, you can maximize your garden space, thereby giving scope to plants other than simple flowering plants to thrive in your garden. For instance, you can make your own small little vegetable garden. If you’re living in an apartment and don’t have access to the terrace, you can grow your aesthetic DIY garden of pretty plants on your balcony, too, with vertical gardening.


  1. Buy Home Decor Plants of Different Variants

Step up your terrace garden design game by incorporating various terrace garden plants, ranging from cool to warm tones, depending on the theme you want for your garden.

To add variety to your yard, plant shrubs, bulbs, and annual plants. In addition, medicinal plants such as aloe vera, neem, and others may be used for health and skin benefits.


  1. Add Some Fragrances to Your Garden

To make your terrace garden smell amazing, add scented plants like lavender, lilacs, mock oranges, and more. In addition, some herbs, such as rosemary, basil, and oregano, have a wonderful aroma and can be used to flavor your delectable dishes. If you follow this tip, trust us when we say that the fragrance of your garden will impress anyone who enters it.


 6. Install a Shade in Your Terrace Garden.

If you love spending quality time in your terrace garden, then a shade has to be a part of your “must-haves list” as it will safeguard you and your plant from any discordant weather condition. You can unleash your creative side and make your very own shade out of tall and thick plants like bamboo, which will not only protect you from harsh UV rays but will also give you some personal space where you can chill in peace.


 7. Light Up Your Garden

Lit up the way your garden looks by throwing in some LED lights, fairy lights, or light Chains to plants and trees and illuminate your garden. It transforms the atmosphere and adds intrigue to your nighttime gatherings. Your friends and family are surely going to love it.


  1. Use of Old Tires to Decorate Terrace Garden

Creating something beautiful that is also sustainable demonstrates both the creative and constructive sides of you. If you have old tires lying around, consider repurposing them in your backyard. These days, tire crafts are very much in trend. You can make a DIY plating hanger, tire table, or even a sofa out of your tire.


  1. Set up a Theme for Your Garden

A garden with a theme adds the final touch of attractiveness to your terrace garden. The way you thematically decorate your garden will show through your way of personalizing your garden, which you are. Find your theme, or you can take inspiration from the internet. Even if you’re incorporating the tips mentioned above in your themed garden, it will give remarkable results. Certain accessories/garden decoration essentials include showpieces, bird nests, small metal laughing Buddha, coloured pebbles, decorative green vines, fairy lights, etc.


  1. Use Pebbles in Your Garden

Pebbles are great and versatile accessories, may it be in gardens or aquariums. Pebbles will majorly help your garden from soil erosion and will discourage direct full sunlight. Furthermore, they help maintain the soil’s moisture level to ensure the final luscious look of your terrace garden. Get the best pebble collection at with a huge variety of colours and textures to choose from!


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