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Before you pay a visit to Wildroots an online plants store or a local nursery, be sure to do a good study on your garden and what it provides, especially the area that’s going to receive the new plants. Here are a few of the criteria you would want to pay attention to –

  • Exposure – How much of the sun does this area receive? Does it receive the full sun? Partial sun? Deep shade? What direction does the plant face? What direction does the area face? These are a few of the questions you will have to ask yourself when examining your garden. Areas that face west tend to get the full sun in the afternoon while north-facing areas tend to be shady. Southern exposures generally receive an even amount of sun throughout the entire day. Decide on the space depending on the type of plant you are getting.
  • Space – Different plants grow differently and require different amounts of real estate. If you have an adequately large area, you’ll have the option to go for both several small plants or one plant that will grow big. If you already have a plant in mind, try and place it in the best way possible so that it doesn’t have to compete for water and receives the right amount of sun and shade.
  • Soil – There are three main soil types. Clay, Loamy and sandy. Plants tend to have a preference for one over the other. Examine the type of soil your garden houses.


Picture a scenario in your head. You walk into a nursery, or better even, you open wildroots.in and you look at the breathtaking plants available. You fall in love almost immediately. You buy the plant. Now you don’t know what to do with it. Eventually, the plant dies. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Always avoid impulse buys. Make sure you take your time and research the plant and the space in your garden you intend to plant it in. Local stores have a reputation for displaying plants that are not suited to the climate in that location. Avoid such traps with a good amount of planning. You can even speak to a gardening expert from Wildroots if you are confused and are seeking guidance.


If you’re visiting a nursery, there might be some unhealthy plants present. Here are a few signs using which you can avoid going home after spending your money on an ailing or dying plant.

  • Look at the leaves – If the leaves are yellowing, it’s probably suffering from a nutrient deficiency or overhydration.
  • The roots tell you stories as well – If a plant is made to grow in a nursery container for too long, its roots may run out of space and start growing in circles. This makes it hard for them to absorb water and nutrients. You can ask a professional at the nursery to carefully lift the plant up so you can have a look at the root system.
  • Pests – If not well maintained, plants at a nursery might be harboring pests or diseases. Take a good look at the leaves and the stems. Specks or spots might be a sign of damage.
  • Weeds – Examine the top of a plant’s rootball to make sure there aren’t any weeds lurking. These can be simply pulled out before planting.
  • Wilting – When a plant isn’t watered enough, its leaves start to wilt. In some cases,  heavy watering may help the plant recover.


Well, this is a no-brainer. Wildroots is the best choice you could make. We have a huge range of plants you can select from to personalize your specific garden. We have the best experts who will make sure you receive all the correct guidance and information. Head over to wildroots.in The website is easy to use, payments are secure and help is always available. Get your plant now!


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