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Buy Online Indoor Plants For Home in Delhi, You can never have too many Garden plants; there is always a place for scooting in various beautiful plants for the garden. Plant parents and gardening enthusiasts love garden show plants, beautiful flower plants, all-season plants and other flower garden plants. Irrespective of the size of your garden, there is always some or the other plant that is just the perfect match for you. Even if you are new to gardening, you can always have easy plants to grow for beginners. Find a flower plant shop near me with decorative plants for the garden and start with the easy to grow flower plants. It doesn’t matter what your garden size is; there is always room for one more plant. The most popular and top-selling garden plants are- perennials, shrubs, succulents, all-season plants, etc.

We have tried to enlist the top 10 Indoor Plants For Home in Delhi you must have :

The symbol of love comes in many colors, just as the essence of love. They are one of the highest-selling flowers and can easily be placed in small pots. Enliven your valentine throughout the year with all seasonal roses. These sweethearts are very low maintenance and only require low sunlight and regular watering. Rosebuds are very optimistic and can easily transform themselves into the thorny beauty of the red velvet rose.

Hibiscus are as strong and tolerant as roses. They rarely catch a disease, but hibiscus wins the versatility game as it is a hardcore survivor. Hibiscus are of various vibrant colors, and their shape is the most attractive feature. They require minimal fertilizing that too once a year, and they require almost no maintenance. They are one the best garden flower plants for new gardeners. They are best known to take care of themselves. They can even survive pretty well in well-drained soil conditions. Nothing can beat a hibiscus.

  • Jasminum Sambac

It is a piece of delight and smells like a divine perfume. It has a divine oriental essence that is known worldwide. Mogra or Jasmine is a pearly white Indian flower and is widely found in several gardens. It grows superfast and doesn’t need much of your time and attention towards its care! Jasmine is the best example of beauty with benefits; it serves as a miraculous medicine for liver problems and other gastrointestinal issues. If taken in the form of tea, it gives you a boost of antioxidants, maintains oral health, helps fight cancer and diabetes too!

  • Plumeria

None can deny that Plumeria are amazing ornamental plants. A calming colorful touch of the smooth Plumeria makes everything optimistic. They instill hope and peace and grow best directly under the sun. With some seldom pruning care, they are fit to tolerate sandy and windy conditions but aren’t quite compatible with winters. Nevertheless, they can be your real green summer buddy! They aren’t picky, so you can either plant them in soil or keep them in a watered vase.

  • Croton

Croton are very tall and voluminous shrubs and can grow up to 10 feet tall. Crotons are rapid growers and can survive very well in well-drained soil conditions. They love the moisture of the soil and strive to maintain it throughout. They do not need many nutrients but do well with organic fertilizers twice a year. They have several colour shades such as yellow and green; and have a characteristic enigma of their own.

  • Bougainvilleas

Ah! The best instagram friendly garden flower. These decorative ivy flowers come in several bold colors; pink and violet are the common ones. They aren’t likely to be tamed in pots as they are clingy and grow super fast. They suit best when a gate, a garden or a window is decorated with them. They have soft thorns, which are excellently overpowered by the bliss and beauty of bougainvillea’s. They love the sun and are exclusively outdoor annual plants.

Tropical evergreen alert! The meticulous design and beauty of an Ixora flower plant is common in several Indian gardens and public places. They form an irreplaceable aesthetic status with emotions and nostalgia attached. The flowers appear in small chunks and get nourished the best under full sunlight. Despite being so abundant and common, these plants are highly valuable plants for their remarkable medical benefits (especially in Ayurveda) and religious importance.

  • Cypress Golden

For a moment, you might feel it’s a dwarf Christmas tree because of its triangular shape when it is fully grown. However, it is a shrub kind of plant often seen in public gardens used as green walls for small winding paths. Cypress can also look like the conifer plant to you, but you can always differentiate between them through flowers in cypress, unlike in conifer. Cypress plants take a long time of around two decades to grow and be matured. The highest they get is 6-8 feet.

  • Adenium

Adenium wins the game of ultimate survival among all the ten plants because of its desert origin. You can plant it anywhere, and it will survive rather than thrive. They look ravishing and thus are also known as desert roses. This flowering plant is quite accustomed to broad sunlight, and you should avoid keeping it in shady areas. The flowers come a little late on the plants, almost after eight months of seed germination.

  • 10 . Palms

Palms lets you have the feel and benefits of a tropical landscape. It is a pride to have a palm tree in modern days. Earlier, in the age of the Assyrians, Palm trees were one of the most valued trees. Palm trees can flawlessly add that exotic aesthetic touch to your frame and bestow that vacation vibe around you 24*7.

A garden is missing from most of the modern houses; having one feels like a blessing. So make a nursery of your own and become nurturing plant parents with the best flower garden. Get hold of the best outdoor garden flower plants and create your wild spot amidst the concrete jungle.

Even if you love medicinal plants, ornamental, aesthetic ones or even the cooling indoor ones, you can always start an afresh trend with a fresh plant. Also, don’t forget the cool accessories such as pots, pot stands, colorful stones, watering cans that come along and make super gardening fun and extra productive for all!

All the abovementioned plants are available at Get your plant and accessories delivered home safely within a sanitized box at your door. Stay wild and safe. Love the greens!


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