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Among the things that add allure to the Okra is that its benefits include the high content of magnesium, fibre, antioxidants, and vitamins. Okra is had in diets because it keeps you full longer owing to the fibre content, improves digestion and the vital nutrients improve immunity. Okra is called bhindi in Hindi.

Requirements for growing Okra plant

Light Full sunlight
Watering Water everyday
Where to grow Balcony, Terrace
Time till harvest 6-7 weeks
Seasonal information Summers

Sowing and planting procedure

  • Sow the seeds 0.5 cm deep in seedling tray, water everyday to keep the soil moist.
  • Space the seedlings at 60cm by 45cm.
  • Germination will take place in 6-8 days.
  • Harvest the fresh okra in 40-50 days from sowing.

Health Benefits of Okra 

Okra is a dear part of the varied Indian cuisines. Even in your healthy diet you need not avoid okra. Okra is loaded with fibre, which will ensure that you have no bloating even on a restrictive diet and fibre also helps keeping you satiated longer, keeping hunger pangs at bay. Okra has antioxidants, various vitamins and other nutrients that act as immunity boosters.

Okra lists among weight loss foods suggested to everyone who is trying to achieve that. Including foods like okra in your diet ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice your taste preferences for the sake of the diet. 1 cup of okra is only 36 calories, but packed into 36 calories are 4g fibre, 2g protein, 0.4g fat, only 7.2g carbs and 10% of the daily recommended folic acid and vitamin B6.


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