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About Vermicompost

Vermicompost is used as a soil additive, conditioner, and fertilizer. It’s function is to add humus and organic matter to the soil. Vermicompost provides bioavailable nutrients to the plants, increasing soil tilth. Besides it helps with water infiltration and retention, while buffering excessive acid or alkaline soil conditions. Breaking down the organic material through the use of worms forms vermicompost and it also improves biological, chemical, and physical properties of the soil.

The worms break down soil and organic matter and so the nutrients are immediately available to plants.

Vermicast (also called worm castings, worm humusworm poopworm manure, or worm faeces) is the end-product of the breakdown of organic matter by earthworms. These excreta have been shown to contain reduced levels of contaminants and a higher saturation of nutrients than the organic materials before vermicomposting.


Vermicompost contains water-soluble nutrients which may be extracted as vermiwash and is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. It is used in gardening and sustainable, organic farming.

Moreover it is richer in many nutrients than compost produced by other composting methods and has also outperformed a commercial plant medium with nutrients added, but levels of magnesium required adjustment, as did pH.

However, it has been found that homemade backyard vermicompost was lower in microbial biomass, soil microbial activity, and yield of a species of ryegrass than municipal compost.

Vermicompost helps store nutrients and keeps them safe from leeching and irrigation.

  • Improves Soil Aeration
  • Enriches Soil With Micro-Organisms 
  • Microbial activity in worm castings is 10 to 20 times higher than in the soil and organic matter that the worm ingests.
  • In addition it attracts Deep-Burrowing Earthworms Already Present In The Soil.
  • Increases the immune system of plants.
  • Easy to store and easy to use.

The Vermicompost is available in 3 different Capacities – 1 kg package, 2 kg Package and 5 kg Package.


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