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Finding incredible houseplants for home decoration online has no trouble. Even if you are a layman or an expert green parent, there are over 50+ low-maintenance Indoor plants in Delhi for home decoration. We have listed some popular ones below.
Most of these plants are very compact, attractive and increase the aesthetics of your home decor by many folds. Play with the vibrancy of the plants and majorly
add to the oxygen production and air purification of your house.

False shamrock (Oxalis triangularis):

False shamrock is a Brazil native indoor plant famous for its captivating vibrancy that boldly ranges from reddish crimson to violet. Complement its vibrancy with a light color-toned pot and help it bloom in style. FYI, it takes around 3 months to bloom, you need to have patience to witness a magical and colorful bloom. Ensure direct sunlight for several hours every day for best nourishment. Oxalis proves to be a great low-maintenance house plant for the long run.

Silver Dollar Plant (Lunaria annua):

It is an extremely low-maintenance home decor plant as it survives (rather thrives) brilliantly in drought conditions, just like a cactus. Make sure you are using well-draining ceramic bowls to plant your silver dollar plant in. These are brilliant display pieces when it comes to aesthetic eco-friendly home decor. As they are characteristically drought resistant, they prefer most of their time in direct sunlight. Though it is an indoor plant, try to place it in such a spot where it gets the best direct touch of the sun.

Chinese Money Plant ( Pilea peperomioides) :

Characteristically distinctive-looking coined shaped leaves make it feel like a plant full of money. These captivating plants suit best in small pots. They look super arty and are best for your Instagram! You don't need to over pamper them, just weekly watering will prove sufficient for them. You can keep them.in fairly bright light, but try to avoid direct sunlight.

Jade Plant (Crassula ovata):

The most interesting fact about this champion is the attractive bushy structure that also bestows it with the physical similarity and trimmability like a bonsai. They possess the cutest pink flowers on earth and quite vibrantly turn themselves into red or yellow according to their maturity. And under the right conditions, you might even see pink flower blossoms! The simple mantra to keep this sweetheart healthy is a lot of sunshine and a little water.

String Of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus):

This is probably the best and unique houseplant. It is also a great gift option. Its graceful appeal adds that touch of elite greenery around you. They go best with metallic hanging pots, get yourself one with wildroots.in They usually brighten up your corners or can even be used as a welcoming hearty door plant. For best
luscious growth, make sure it has sufficient sunlight and just some sprinkles of water.


Belonging to an evergreen species, they have the best survival instincts in them and need almost negligible care. They are so self-sufficient that they can get their
water from the humidity around. Pampering these little ones will do them more harm than good. Let them grow and have their growth. Their specialty lies in their unique leaves. Tillandsia is incredible and one of the best home decor indoor plants in Delhi Ncr.

Donkey Tail Plant (Sedum morganianum):

The Donkey Tail Plant gives you the best flowering blooms when taken care of with your heart. These sweet guys don't take up much of your time, just a pampering gesture of watering a bit will do the magic. They are truly low maintenance and best for new plant parents.

Well, apart from these above-mentioned Indoor Plants for Home Decoration, several other plants are iconically low maintenance with unique looks and great presentability such as the Bunny Ear Cactus, Heartleaf Philodendron, Chinese Water Bamboo, Dragon Tree, Prayer Plant, etc.

Get the healthiest low-maintenance plants delivered home safely with wild roots. Gardening is an art, may it be indoor or outdoor. Choose from a wide range of
accessories to complement your indoor garden.

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